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The Thursday Recording

                              How it all happens


The Harrow Times comes out on-line and in paper form and each Wednesday the ‘rota’ Presenter settles down with two paper copies and selects the relevant stories and information including some letters which are always popular with our listeners. These are literally cut up for the readers, one male, one female, ready for the evening’s recording.

 The presenter, readers and a sound mixer/engineer assemble around 7:15, study the items and discuss the planned order, any tricky pronunciations - especially names - and have a sound-check to adjust for different tones and strength of reader voices. The presenter introduces the ‘cast’ and gives any announcements, usually including lighting-up times, which are important to blind listeners. Then away we go.

 Although we no longer need a ‘turn-the-tape-over’ pause, it’s usually helpful to insert a break part way through, which gives readers and listeners a chance to draw breath, clear throats, discuss any hiccups and the like.

HTN studio

The Wednesday news desk in action 


Again the benefits of being digital mean we’re not pinned to a fixed tape-length time-scale, but the recording usually runs for about an hour. A remarkable fast copier unit then churns out the required number of memory sticks which are inserted in the plastic wallets bearing the listener addresses. A special collection Post Office pick-up the next morning gets this week’s news to listeners’ homes by Friday or Saturday.

 And that’s it - every week of the year except over Christmas.

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