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       How to get the Talking Newspaper


 It’s very easy to join us as a listener to HTN, on your own behalf, or for somebody else. Just give us a ring on our studio phone - see ‘Contacts’ for details - or drop us a line. You can download or copy and print the ‘Application Form’ from the website. (Sorry, you can’t ‘upload’ at present, it’ll have to go in the post.)

 The only qualifications are that the member needs to be registered blind or sight-impaired, or have any other reason why they can’t read a newspaper, and that they live in or around the borough ofHarrow. (Although we also currently send on the local news to previous members who have left the area but want to stay in touch with us.)

 The weekly news recordings are on a digital memory stick and we’ll provide a simple-to-use player, complete with guidance, for anyone who needs it - although they’ll also play via a USB socket on a computer.

 Each issue of HTN is sent out in a velcro-closed plastic wallet; the wallet has a window with containing a card for each member with their address on one side and our studio address on the other. Once you’ve played the news (as often as you wish) simply turn the card over to show our address, slip in the memory stick, and pop the wallet back in the post - still no need for postage. We like the wallets returned fairly promptly but we use two sets, of different colours, in successive weeks to give a bit of time.

 It’s useful for us to have up-to-date details especially, of course, if the listener moves or the phone number changes. And it can help if we know when someone’s going to be away and doesn’t want the news for a couple of weeks say.

 And that’s all there is to it.                         HTN datastick                        

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